Do Creative Work
Did you know that working with your hands, crating thing of beauty and worth, builds inner happiness? Don’t think you lack this power within you. Boris Bali, former Dean of Fine Arts, Temple University, said, “I am convinced that every human being possesses a creative urge to make beautiful things, that this urge can be brought out and put to work with proper encouragement, and that suppression of its results in maladjustment.” A routine therapy used in mental hospitals has been to give the patients creative things to do with their hands.

You can be creative in things you do at home, such as cooking, sewing, decorating, and gardening. It is not creative to merely copy someone else’s idea from a pattern, recipe, or picture — another person’s creation. Creative opportunities are found in the fields of art, sculpture, music, writing, designing, problem-solving, and almost every endeavor. You are creative when you have an original idea or produce something from your imagination, something that is good or beautiful.

And when you create something of real worth or supreme beauty, such as rare treasure of art, music, or literature, it goes beyond inner happiness to deep soul satisfaction. When we consider the great joy in the modest creative efforts of man, think how God must have felt when He created the earth and, viewing the workmanship of His hands, said, “It is good.”