This post is taken from Sister Melissa Muhammad’s blog. It is very insightful…made me look at myself and how I relate to my children.

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For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?-Mark 8:36.

As intelligent, well rounded women (and men) we are capable of many things. We have accomplished much. But, for whatever reason we always seem to consider the needs of those most dependent on us after everything else.
When we leave out of our homes in the mornings we are preparing our children for ‘our day. ‘ Not necessarily ‘their day.’ We may not give them the biggest hug on departure or the widest smiles to let them know we care about them and want them to have the very best day. We should make every effort to do just that.
When we leave our homes in the morning we are going out to take on the world, we are going to make our impression on it and do what is expected of us in the realms in which we work. The same is true for our children, though it may not always be academic in nature, our children are also seeking to make their impressions. Perhaps it is with their clothes or social structure; they are working on conquering their ‘world’ just as we are. We don’t want to lose these little souls any more than we already have while we have been struggling to gain the world.
The burden rests with us however that we be sure to make them our center, that we give them everything that they need to conquer the right world, the real world.
What would that right world be? What would that real world be? It would be:

* Themselves-They must master themselves, the Gods within themselves.
* Their immediate environments-If they know that they come from a strong and true environment-a loving home, with real parental (guardian) support. Those environments include school, friends and other social outlets.

We have to focus on making sure that our children know they are loved, making sure they are secure human beings. If they are sure of that then they will know that they can go out into one world knowing that the world they come from is there for them and they can always return to that world of love.