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So, I woke up this morning thinking about my post yesterday… and wanting to do day two of this Insanity workout.  The thought I wanted to convey yesterday was that if we just live like we are taught and practice what we say we believe we wouldn’t be in the shape we are in…be it with working out, being overweight, being broke…whatever…and that we can achieve measureable goals without killing ourselves.


But, as I thought about the post, parts of it, for me, rang as a cop out…I thought about the fact that there is absolutely nothing wrong with pushing yourself to reach a goal…sometimes that push is necessary.  Especially if you’ve lost all discipline. Sometimes you need to do a lil’ extra something something to accomplish a goal.


I woke up this morning a little achy, which is a good sign that I actually did something in my work out yesterday.  I wondered how would I look at the end of sixty days… I started to think about what really was the problem with the workout…I think in part it’s because I had such a difficult time doing it.  It wasn’t the work out solely; part of it was trying to do the workout with my one year old awake and him wanting to nurse/be held.  I work out best in the mornings…its when I have my most energy and the desire to actually do it…so, to try a workout that intense…with the baby awake just did not work for me.  Plus, I was hella tired afterwards and nauseous, not the best condition to be in with a small child who is at his most ALL DAY!


In other words…I set myself up. I think a better message is …know where you are, accept it and sculpt a good workout regimen for where you are and where you want to be.  For me,

  1. I have to eat better.  I can’t keep giving into the ease of quick food, even though with nursing I burn 500-800 calories a day.  That’s deceptive intelligence kicking in.
  2. I have to incorporate a regular routine that includes cardio and yoga.  I find I’m at my best, both mentally and physically, when I have a balance of both.
  3. I must be as disciplined in my health as I am with other aspects of my life.


So that being said, I probably will try the Insanity workout again…but, more importantly, I have to get the other parts in order too for me to be consistent and for me to see results.