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I’m so excited and inspired today!  I’m looking forward to school, Saviours’ Day, and life in general! I feel so blessed right now and have made a mental note to pray more often now that I’m in ease mode…cuz last year had plenty o’ difficulty…(:

IMG_1629I choose the classes that I did this semester to fulfill the requirements of my major, but it turns out Allah had a completely different plan. I NEED the knowledge the classes provide for the plans that we have made for our family…which in my opinion trumps for my major.  Not only is the knowledge needed, but they are fun and are fulfilling a artistic urge. I’ll be doing some film and production work, as well as some photoshop stuff…I also took a business management course and I’m acting CEO of The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art!  I’m kinda excited!

What with not knowing school started and all, I’ve been a little behind and I haven’t had time to do much painting. Mostly, because I’m working on sewing and blogging. Though I do have some new (painting) pieces in mind to add to my fishnet collection…My fishnet collection is me exploring the feelings I have and what I do when my husband is out of town. The simplest way to explain it is I am extremely lonely and I buy lingerie. So, in efforts to avoid the impropriety of stretching thongs across a canvas, I created something with fishnets, stocking, and spray paint (one of which you see in picture 1). This process opened up a part of me that I didn’t even know was there and helped me to cope.  Art is truly healing.


I find that doing things you love is healing.  It’s how I feel about school, cooking, baking, studying…I love learning…especially about myself.  So, I plan to celebrate me and learn about myself as much as I can…FOREVER.  I’m learning to love myself, my life, my mind, my personality, my sense of humor, my body and my hair more and more each day.  It’s funny I’ve spent so much money on hair…to finally become content with my little Afro….I made it a point to not ask anyone, including my spouse, if they like my hair.  It’s not that I’m not concerned with his preference, because I am…truth be told he would never tell me anyway…but the reason I didn’t ask is  because what is important is that I LOVE IT! End of conversation.   Accepting yourself is the key to happiness…I gave you that one for free (: