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Simplicity 5827I posted a few things on Facebook about dressing modest young girls.  I thought I’d share them here. One of the first things that I do, when styling Jr. Haute, is seek her opinion.  She has her own style and opinion.  I never want her to feel like she’s being made to dress this way.  I let her express her Islam as only she knows how. The other key to styling your Jr. Haute is to re-imagine what we call a dress, pajamas, or a costume.  Some of both her and my best pieces have been fashioned from a costume pattern.

This pattern is one that I have used for years.  It is a simple dress pattern coupled with a simple pants/skirt pattern. Very easy sew.  I think it may have taken me 4 hours to sew the whole garment.  The top is made from Simplicity 5827. The skirt is made from Simplicity 2576. Also, I use a general tam pattern and leave off the 3rd piece (the bottom band) and put a really thin piece of elastic in it to make sure it fits and will stay on. (Note: Simplicity 5827 could be lengthened to make a really princessy dress…which the younger girls really like.)DSCF4981

Normally, when I find a pattern that works or even tops at the store, I buy several in several different sizes/colors to last her through the years. The top you see in this 2nd picture > was brought as a long dress four years ago.  Now she wears it as a top of appropriate length.  If you’re reading this blog you already know that modest clothes are hard to find, for both women and children.

I’m including several variations of this pattern so that you can get an idea of how you can go about sewing one pattern with different fabrics to change the entire look of  each garment.  Hope this is helpful to someone.