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Simplicity 2576

I thought I would continue this posting along the same vein as yesterday…sewing for Jr. Haute.  As I stated yesterday, if I find a modest pattern that works I buy the pattern in numerous sizes so that I can have a go to pattern as she grows.  You would be surprised at how different a piece can look with diverse colors, fabrics and styling.

The pattern I’m highlighting today is Simplicity 2576, view A.  This is a great quick simple skirt pattern.  It is also a good pattern to teach your child how to sew with.  The pattern has one piece…cut 2….sew the seam….sew your waist…hem and you’re done!  POW!  So easy!

I think I will make her a few next year in khaki for her school uniform. Below you will see a couple of styling variation of this pattern.  On the picture where she is dressed with the red skirt, with a star and crescent, the only thing I made was the skirt and tam.    The all fuchsia garment that was featured yesterday, I made in its entirety. It is a mixture between two patterns. Please see yesterday’s blog post.

IMG_1760IMG_1756I really like this play on the National, using the stereotypic colors of red, white, and blue.  She is is modest, covered, and haute!

I LOVE the use of color on the fuchsia garment.  It also has a little applique on the bottom of the skirt, that Jr. Haute selected.  The garment is made of crepe back satin and is rather dressy.  I probably wouldn’t have made it in the fabric in hindsight…only because it stains easily.  But, I think she looks absolutely beautiful in it!