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DPP_0057I have a ENV course this semester….this course is three hours long…and the fact that this course is in a lab with stools SUCKS! That being said….I can not really complain.  My first day of class, half of the class was in the field.  We were instructed to take pictures of biodiversity.  My partner and I took the furthest away location and walked down the schools steep 50 miles hill…ok, maybe it’s not 50 miles, but yeah, couldn’t breath….

Anyway, we ended up walking to the park to photograph biodiversity. Now, it was a beautiful day!  But, it’s still December and there weren’t very many animals out there to be seen.  But, to be heard was another story.  You could hear life everywhere…you just couldn’t see it.  It reminds me that even on our communities, we sometimes think that the people are dead, the neighborhoods are dead…but, they aren’t they are teaming with life…we just have to search it out.

This field work was part cardio, part yoga for me, in that I worked out and had a chance to meditate.  God is so wonderful!  He puts so much into His creation that often times we take it for granted.  It was so wonderful to be able to take it all in and document it.  I think I may start going behind our house to document nature a bit more.  We have a big ole forest behind the house teaming with all sorts of vermin I pray will never attempt to enter our home.  Big fields await…

I don’t know if it was the ability to take my mind off of everything that was going on around me…or sheer gratitude at not having to sit on that damn stool…whatever it was it was worth it!

LeavesPlus, I got to use my new camera!  YAY me!  (Thanks spouse!)  Anyway, I wanted to show you a couple of my novice pics….“Now remember, I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my ish” Erykah Badu

Ignore the fact that there are smudges on some of them…its not your computer…LOL…I didn’t realize the lens was smudged…I whole heartedly admit I am a novice!


Cold n Lonely Robin Outside of beauty looking in DPP_0060



Berries Nobody Wanted

Black Squirrel Ninja