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1038I often get questions about where to get long skirts…there are a plethora of stores that sell them, but your best bet is making your own. Online resources like Shukr sale really cute long skirts…but they start at $70. Unless you can catch one on sale. If you can you’re looking at spending $35 and they may or may not have your size. Actually they are having a sale now…

You can make this skirt with between 1 7/8 yards (size 6) of fabric to 2 1/2 (size 22).  And you too can have the perfect long skirt…which I like to call The Skirt.  I have made this skirt in red, brown, white, and multi-tan. Seriously, it’s that usable of a pattern…

mimidenimI  saw another really great skirt on Mimi G. Style  made of  tie dyed denim and was inspired to make this skirt again out of the same fabric.  (Mimi posted a link to purchase it with a 10% discount! God Bless her!)  I’m going to makeV1038 out of the tie dyed fabric too, when I find the time.  Keep in mind, Mimi’s skirt  is a Burda pattern that she had to lengthen from knee to ankle and the one I’m recommending is a Vogue and you don’t have to lengthen. (You’ll have to google the other one (;)


This ankle length skirt, V1038, can be dressed up or down, depending on your fabric selection.  If you look at the drawing you’ll notice the great detail at the hips and bottom. It is an extremely easy sew. The pattern is a DKNY pattern.

If you have any questions about this pattern comment below and I will try to help.