SCARLET_BRAID_ABAYA_FRONTI had a rather lengthy blog post I wanted to share, but I got sidetracked…looking at fashion.  When I first started blogging it was about fashion, but I am all over the place, so my blog tends to be as well. I found some really cute pieces.  The site I decided to share today can be found at .

Now, I’m not necessarily a big fan of buying stuff all the time,  a whole lot of things you can make. Some of the styles I will post are simply inspiration.  I believe you could recreate some of them if you know how to sew.

This is one of them.  The design is so simple, but not in a boring way.  The choice of color and the draping…love this.  It also comes in other colors!






Now I don’t know what made me like this shroud of Turin looking one, but its cute, different and wearable..


GREY_HIJABCAPThis silver embroidered hijab cap is banging…not to mention Sister’s flawless makeup….






There were also a few jewelry pieces I found cute on the site as wellBANGLE_10_34.95.  They were sold out, but in case they restock…