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kingsDr. King was an amazing man and the more that I learn about he and his amazing wife, the more I am saddened about the fact they are no longer here.

Dr. King is an example of an individual who was provided with opportunity, yet still took the time to help not only his community, but also the world.  He could have been quite comfortable teaching from his pulpit.  But, he did not.  He spoke to the powers that be and made change.  For better or worse, Dr. King made real change.

Though we are all familiar with Dr. King, how often is one introduced to Dr. King the scholar? Or Dr. King the family man?  Or Dr. King the intellect that graduated from school two years early? Or Dr. King who condemned the injustices of the Vietnam War?   Please make sure to study this very complex man who was so much more than the sound bite he has been reduced to.