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IMG_2882So, first Junior Haute got sick, then the baby got sick, then the husband got sick, then of course, I got sick…we’re all better now, thank you (; In the midst of all this sickness, the show did not stop and the opening ceremony of One Hood New Media Academy went really, really well!  Much gratitude to everyone who came out,  helped and want to collaborate.  It snowed and snowed that day, but the event was still well attended by the grace of God. We received well over the amount of applications for the slots we wanted to fill and things are looking really good. David Banner is really a genuine soul.  He was so down to earth and friendly, it was refreshing.  He was so humble and understated and spoke with and gave love to anyone who approached him.



Most importantly and with great pride I announce to you that my husband is coming out with his debut album with Wandering Worx, Ascension, on March 26, 2013.  I’m so proud of him and all he does.  But, I’m really proud of this album…if you listen closely you will be exposed to a part of him not generally shared with the public.