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olivia-pope-scandal-kerry-washingtonI have never been so ambivalent about a television character…never. I love the way she dresses.  I love her hair. I love the fact the she is the most intelligent character on television.  I love that she is successfully self employed after having left her good gov’ment job…(afta my own heart with that one…) I love that she tries to help people. I love that she is a complicated character who is strong, yet vulnerable.  I love the standard of achievement she sets Black women…even though she’s a fictional character…she’s a Black woman doing the dayum thing!  Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope is a breath of fresh air. Not to mention Kerry Washington as an actual person…

But just as much as I love Olivia Pope…if I knew her in real life…I would hate her.  I would be so pissed off that this successful, beautiful Black woman who has all this going for her gotta be chasing after someone else’s man.  I get it, I get it…she and the President are in love…it’s epic…blah, blah, blah.  But, truth be told, she should never have fallen in love with him….dude was married from the get go.  She is a much more attractive, better paid, much more intelligent, glamorized Monica Lewinsky.

I can not stand Bellamy Young’s character Mellie Grant…there are plenty o’ times I just wanted to slap her…and damn near cheer er time the President checks her…especially when he called her ornamental…Part of me wants to say that’s what she gets…but, then theres the part of me that says how can a marriage work with Olivia Pope’s lurking around.  Marriage is hard enough without outside influences.  Especially outside influences like Olivia Pope.


(To be fair this second picture is from I Think I Love My Wife, in which Kerry Washington plays another man stealing waynch…lol…but, she does.)

I also get pissed off with Olivia Pope because as awesome and fabulous as she is… she thirsty for this dude who is NEVER, ever, ever, ever (using my Smokey voice) gone leave his wife…NEVER…why she gotta be somebodies undercover, against the tree, in the Oval office, on the campaign trail lover…I’m just saying… The Olivia Pope character would be just as intriguing if she was all loopy for Senator Edison Davis’ character… ♥

Olivia Pope isn’t on some I’m getting with this dude girl power type stuff…her character can’t stand what she is doing…or has done at this point in the season…but, she doesn’t stop and is continuously hurt by her actions.  This aspect of her character is not empowering.  I loath this aspect of the character…it is certainly not a trait worth emulating.  How many young girls, women… find themselves in dead end relationships and are just strung along by someone who is never going to change himself or a situation that prevents them from being together.  The President cheats on her er time he’s with Millie’s lame arse. Not saying that her character won’t evolve to that…but right now…I don’t see it happening. She’s at the hospital reminiscing about flag pins and what not while Huck’s getting arrested…cuz this dude she pine-ing for was out celebrating his birthday with his wife he’s never ever ever ever gone leave…

That being said…my DVR is set for January 10th…